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Softimage Dev


Language:  Python, Jscript, Html

Purpose:  Project Asset Manager


Developed and implemented in to Softimage net view. Very rough and basic tools and asset management system for any type of larger 3D Project. Scripts can be launched with icon buttons, assets can be exported and linked to thumbnails in the asset view. Toolbar on the left side and top calls up individual pages. Unfortunatelly there are no authoringscripts so you have to edit the page with an html editor to add new assets and make changes to the UI.

Softimage Project Asset Manager


Language:  Python, Jscript, Html

Purpose:  Asset Library


Asset Library. The idea is to publish ready made assets that can be dragged in to the viewport and quickly make a layout. On the left you can add categories and on the right in the main panel you can add assets. 

Softimage Asset Library
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