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Lead 3D Artist on animated bird title for Hunger Games. Modeling, Texturing, rigging animation lighting and rendering passes of the Bird and Ring. Also created particle effects of the melting and flaking bird transitions.

Helped to create the world of Asghard over a period of about one year at Whisky Tree in San RafaeI.

Learned and mastered High-end Production rendering system called Arnold. Used Production and asset management tools to publish assets in to a library to be used in a colaborative effort with a group of artists.

Implimented a Tessendorfian water simulation system for liquid simulations. Responsible for all fluid solutions in Asghard shots. Also foam and white watter animation.

Developed the look and feel of the Rainbow Bridge. Which connects Odins palace to Bifrost.  Also created the rainbow bridge assets for all shots made by Whiskytree.

Modeled textured and polished many buildings in the city of Asghard. Contributed to creation of animated crowds as well as the creation of CG Thor and other main characters riding on horses down the rainbow bridge towards Bifrost.

Modeling Texturing Lighting Animation and rendering titles logos and credits for the movie trailer for TMNT.

Worked on at the office in Pasadena at a company called Creative Logic. Finished at Stargate studios in Pasadena.

Responsible for designing modeling texturing and lighting a futuristic garbage truck that dumps trash on a futuristic landfill. Also rigging of the trash truck so it can drive around and operate its door system where trash comes out of.


Some Individual assets modeled from the trash pile of Idiocracy.


Also responsible for modeling texturing and cloning trash in to mountain shapes which were then assembled in to bigger scenes lit and rendered to create the lanfill environments. Check out the video sequence of the truck triggering an avelanche of trash.

Modeling texturing and staging costco props in to sets that were then lit rendered and turned in to mat painting for the movie. These included couches shelf items and a plane.

Created Shaders Lighting Tracking and Rendering for the background of a set for Total Recall shot in a trailer.

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