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SI to Maya Panel with Asset Manager written in Python

Asset Manager Developed in Python for Maya

Library or Project Based Asset Management

Works with any renderer supports Arnold Proxy .ass files

Custom: Assets, Folders, Subfolders, Thumbnails, Comments Scene info etc.


Organise your files, folders and assets any way you like. Hierarchy by default up to 4 layers deep and more with Explore button.


Versioning system nested under each asset, Export multiple file formats when publishing, .obj .fbx .abc .ass formats.


Nested assets, Build complex assets out of as many parts as you like, keep track easily with thumbnails and versioning.


Suitable for any project types big or small, professional or personal once you get on the asset management workflow you will not want to build project without it.


Get Assets Through Maya to Clarisse with Materials.

Use Obj or Abc Formats

Convert multiple materials to Clarisse Standard material automagically.

Build a vast library of assets ready to use in Clarisse and Maya Arnold.

Update Thumbnails from either software

Nested Assets

  • Asset Management System for Maya and Arnold.

  • Connect OS File Explorer with Maya Using Port Command

  • Publish different types of assets

  • Project/Library Based work-flows

  • Developed with Python/Mel for Maya 2016 and up

  • Tool bar for Maya Commands

  • Shortcuts for Editors

  • Unlimited Assets without performance hit

  • Right Click OS File Explorer Menu With Maya Commands

  • Classic File Explorer Used as Asset Manager Front/Back End.

  • Asset Assembly  Vehicle

  • Asset Assembly  Vehicle: Landing Gear

  • Asset Assembly  Character


        I have been developing and using SoMa for the last three years, since about 2015. It is ever developing work in progress and can benefit from many additional features but at this point it is in a very useful state, and has made my life much easier when it comes to keeping things organized.

       When I built out complex scenes it helps me track progress visually with thumbnails of asset, and publishing automatically generates new versions so I can always go back.

       Working with and managing many assets over time is a challenge without tools to do it with. Coordinating with multiple artists on projects, keeping track of versions and assets becomes impossible without a streamlined work-flow. Soma provides a way to keep Different types of data organized in user defined groups and hierarchies that make most sense for specific projects. Thumbnails keep assets organized, and are color coated for different types of data.

 Artists can work in a non linear fashion developing assets while layout can be built with rough standins that are automatically updated as the assets are published and up version-ed with more detail. Referencing everything and using standins, keeps layout scenes down to minimum size.

Video Examples and Tutorials

Publish Asset

Asset Assembly

SoMa Tool Bar Part 1

Publish Asset Part 2

AssetAssembly With Mash

Soma Tool Bar Part 2

Assign Materials

Updating Asset In Assembly

Assign Materials Part 2


Nested Assembly

      The Car models are collected from Turbo Squid, they are used for the purposes of demonstrating the software and are not part of or sold in any way with the software. The software is not available for sale at this time, the material presented here is just for demonstration purposes. The videos show a working prototype.

MAYA with SOFTIMAGE XSI Panels and Shortcuts


Language:  Python,Mel

Purpose:  Softimage Workflow inside of Maya


Created with Python and Mel, attempt to recreate softimage work-flow inside of Maya. Looks like maya is heavily customizable down to every item in the GUI. When these scripts are installed, the XSI GUI automatically comes up on startup. Most XSI shortcuts work and hitting numbers 1-4 switches panels on the left between Model Animate Render and an aditional Options. Most tools in XSi also exist in maya as commands so those are reassigned in to the panels according to XSI. This is a Work in progress but it looks like the maya UI and most tools can be reworked in to the XSI Look and feel work-flow. 

Overview of the so far implemented XSI shortcuts, There is a hotkey button that will switch between the default Maya shortcuts and the XSI shortcuts.

Softimage Acquired and retired by Autodesk

SOFTIMAGE Project Asset Manager


Language:  Python, Jscript, Html

Purpose:  Project Asset Manager


Developed and implemented in to Softimage net view. Very rough and basic tools and asset management system for any type of larger 3D Project. Scripts can be launched with icon buttons, assets can be exported and linked to thumbnails in the asset view. Toolbar on the left side and top calls up individual pages. Unfortunatelly there are no authoringscripts so you have to edit the page with an html editor to add new assets and make changes to the UI.

Vit Liskutin © (2018) 


Language:  Python, Jscript, Html

Purpose:  Asset Library


Asset Library. The idea is to publish ready made assets that can be dragged in to the viewport and quickly make a layout. On the left you can add categories and on the right in the main panel you can add assets. 


Language:  Python,Jscript,Html

Purpose:  Organize and Manage Projects and 3D Assets


Using Tactic framework running in a web browser to Organise Digital assets. The screen shots are from Digital Library which organizes Assets that are ready for import in to various 3D apps. In this case Softimage and Arnold are used as well as Maya. Also supports Obj FBX. Textures are checked in separatelly and then used on the 3D models that are then published in to the system and dependancies are made. Also support for .ASS files and proxies for Arnold. 

TACTIC: Digital Asset Management

Acquired by Toon Boom

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