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          When I was very young, growing up In Europe, I spend a lot of time with my grandparents. My grandfather is an electric engineer and a great hobbyist/craftsman, I devoted many hours watching and mimicking him at his work. 


          Years later, after witnessing the original Star Wars and Disney films, I realized that I absolutely enjoyed the amazing characters in these stories. I tried to draw my own characters and even went as far as making a projector out of Lego Technic to animate them. Then I was introduced to computers, and consequently the world of 3d animation. 


          When I was in seventh grade my parents bought me a 3D software. I quickly made my own 3d versions of  Disney characters,  Star Wars space fighters and my favorite video game monsters. I was hooked, this was it for me. With the burst of the Internet I got my hands on other software and was able to read about many VFX techniques. 


          At the beginning of High school I had an opportunity to come to the US, and graduate with the option to then go to college and learn 3D animation. That was great but I wasn't going to wait untill college to learn 3D. I managed to pursue my Highschool electronics teacher to get Lightwave3D for the classroom. Eventually I had a version of the software for my own use and I explored its features throughly. If I was to summarize my most dominant learning experience from High school in the US I would have to say it was Lightwave.

Playa Vista, CA 90094

  I moved to California in 2000 and attended Chapman University, where I was able to meet some great teachers, and learn a great deal about the career I was to set path on. I Graduated in 2004 with a B.F.A. In New Media, which included a short senior film featuring animated fish.​


          Since I graduated I have been working as a 3D Artist in the Los Angeles area. I have learned great many things from the talented artists and professionals I had a chance to work with in the Film TV and Commercial Industry. I learned to be an inventive problem solver, learned team oriented workflow and even supervised other artists and took shots from story boards all the way to final comp for clients like Mattel, Sony, Samsung and so on.



          In 2008 I moved to Playa Vista and It has been an amazing experience living here. I met many people in the VFX industry and have worked for hand full of Graphics companies. In 2013 I married my wonderfull wife Jana and we continue living in Playa Vista with our dog Buddy. 




    In the future I plan to grow as a 3D artist and work with some more amazing studios. In my spare time I enjoy other things like: Sports, Photography, Science, Music and when time permits , I still enjoy spending time with my grandfather.


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